Modern stylysh studio @Nai Harn NH149

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Rent: ฿40 000 month / ฿ day
Sale: ฿3,670,920

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Property ID: NH149

Apartment / Penthouse
Property Type
28 м2
1200 м

Additional Details

Payment conditions

Booking deposit 50%, the balance in one month in advance before check in / Предоплата 50%, остаток за месяц до заезда

Maid service / Уборка

Once a week / Раз в неделю

Extra fee / Дополнительно

Electricity and water by meter / Электричество и вода по счетчикам

Property type


Cozy modern Japanese-style studios located in the Relife Windy complex in Nai Harn, just a 15-minute walk from the beach. This is a convenient option for a small family or couple. At the entrance to the apartment there is a fully equipped kitchen, where there is everything you need - a stove, microwave, kettle, dishes, washing machine and much more. Next is a room with a double bed, wardrobe, flat-screen TV, sofa and balcony. The room is air-conditioned. Comfortable ergonomic design of the apartment - a spacious room with good lighting, with competent use of space and space, with a large number of cabinets, niches and shelves - distinguishes these studios from similar ones in other complexes. Guests have at their disposal a communal swimming pool on the roof of the building and a second one in the courtyard of a neighboring building, a terrace with sun loungers, and a gym. The cost of the studio is from 35,000 to 75,000 baht per month.

The price, including services and additional expenses, depends on many factors (rent, seasonality, and, for purchase, the current price list at the time of the request). Please check further.

Photos are for informational purposes only. Elements of decor and furniture may change. Information updated 24.03.2024


  • Property ID: NH149
  • Phuket Province NaiHarn
  • Rent: ฿40 000
  • Sale: ฿3,670,920
  • Area: 28 м2
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Pool: Common
  • Beach: 1200 м
  • Property Type: Apartment / Penthouse
  • Property Status: ,