Villa for rent in Phuket

Every year this type of recreation in Phuket is gaining popularity more and more. Judge for yourself – renting a villa for the whole family or a group of friends, you get – your own house on the island for the whole holiday, with a fenced area, with a swimming pool where you can swim 24 hours a day, with an evening barbecue, with your music all over the place and with breakfast at a time you want.

Do not forget about the financial side, in the season the cost of a room in a hotel for two is $ 100 per night, $ 3,000 for a couple will be released upon a month’s stay. Rent the same 3 bedroom villa will vary from 3000 to 10 000 dollars (here many factors affect the formation of prices), which will be from $ 1,000 to $ 3000 per pair.

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Rent a villa in Thailand (Phuket) cheap

You go on holiday with young children, we will help you find a nanny for the whole period or just an hour a day, so that you can, for example, get a massage session (here at the villa or going to the salon), and this time is yours. the child will be supervised in your own home.

You can pre-select a kindergarten or a group to develop your child for the entire vacation period, combining business with pleasure.

Living in the villa, you can take any lessons, be it yoga or Thai boxing, or you might want to learn how to cook Thai meals, and your child can learn how to swim, this is also where you can organize everything.

You can rent a villa for a wedding ceremony, for a family trip, for a corporate trip with your employees, organize a fitness tour and much more.

Write to us your wishes and our staff to offer you the best options.