To the owners

Our company – PLH real estate co ltd / Phuket LIke Home has been operating in the Phuket real estate market for over 10 years.
We rent, sell and successfully manage real estate on the island.
You bought a house, you do not live in Phuket, you need the services of a management company.
You have not bought property yet, but are considering options. Write to us, we will help you choose the right object according to your wishes. We know for sure which real estate is in demand for rent for the maximum number of days in a year.

We offer various forms of cooperation – from simply adding your property to our database to complete management.

We receive daily requests for housing in Phuket, every day we successfully close deals.
We rent and sell objects in each area of ​​the island.

Real estate management is the control of timely utility bills, the hiring of garden and pool workers, the monitoring of their work, the organization of cleaning and repair work.
The crane broke, the air conditioning stopped working, the Internet was turned off, the pool bloomed, the batteries were dead – we solve these and many other issues quickly and in a timely manner.

The objects in our direct management are offered upon request in the first place, they are sent out to our partners and client base.
We have a good rating on and, with us your object on these sites will receive maximum “visibility” among potential customers.

Email us to get a more detailed description of our services!

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