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How to pay for property for rent

Congratulations, you have selected an object, booked and are ready to pay!

Based on the data received from you, we will send you documents – reservation agreement and invoice.

Payment will be made by swift transfer to an account in a Thai bank.

For the transfer you will need – account number, beneficiary name and swift code.

In our docs, it looks like this:

If you have a foreign currency account, you can make the transfer yourself from the online account of your bank.

The commission for banking services will be about 1% (depends on the amount of the transfer and the conditions of your tariff, check before the transfer).

Also, you can always contact the operator in the bank and make a transfer through the cashier. Specify the commission in the bank.

We bill in baht and in dollars at the exchange rate at the time of invoicing.

You pay in dollars or euros, we get in baht.

We will put the received amount into the voucher and send you a booking confirmation with the amount of the balance that must be paid on the day of arrival or at other specified dates in the contract.