Rules for entry into Thailand from May 1, 2024

Since the end of COVID restrictions, the Thai government has been diligently working to boost tourism. Their efforts have led to increased visa-free periods or the complete abolition of visas for certain countries, a crucial development for travellers to be aware of.

There is a bilateral agreement between Russia and Thailand on visa-free visits for 30 days. This means that Thai citizens can come to Russia without a visa for the same period, and Russians can come to Thailand without a visa.

Last year, the Thai government made a temporary measure for the high season – 45 days of visa-free travel.

In the same high season there were already 90 days until April 30, 2024! The only limitation was that extending this stamp on the spot or obtaining a visa without leaving the country was prohibited.

Starting from May 1, 2024, a new visa rule has been implemented. It involves a stamp that is valid for 60 days within a 3-month period, specifically for citizens of the Russian Federation.

As of 4/23/24, a bilateral visa-free agreement between Kazakhstan and Thailand occurred.

And since March, the same visa-free regime has been signed between China and Thailand.