3 bedroom townhome A30 @AP Grand Residence KM230

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Rent: ฿170 000 month / ฿ day

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Property ID: KM230

Villa / Townhouse
Property Type
20 minutes on foot


AP Grand Residence is one of the finest complexes for family living on the island of Phuket. The residence is located in the geographical center of the island, on the west coast in Kamala Bay, 500 meters from Phantom Si. Located 10-15 minutes north of Patong, in close proximity to the finest restaurants in Phuket, just a short walk from the sandy Kamala beach, this peaceful place is ideal for a family stay and for spending your vacation. The residence embodies a serene lifestyle in the bosom of nature, under the shade of shady trees and tropical palm trees, next to a sandy beach, clear sea under the endless azure sky. In the complex there is a gym, a sauna, a children's playground, a sports pool, 24-hour security and a professional team of managers who serve the residence. The house consists of three floors, on the first there is a guest area - kitchen, dining room, guest toilet and living room with sofa and TV. on the second floor there are two bedrooms with bathrooms. Upstairs there is a third bedroom with a terrace. The beach is about 20 minutes walk, there is a taxi stand nearby. The cost is from 70 000 to 195 000 baht per month.

The price, including services and additional expenses, depends on many factors (rent, seasonality, and, for purchase, the current price list at the time of the request). Please check further.

Photos are for informational purposes only. Elements of decor and furniture may change. Information updated 20.03.2024


  • Property ID: KM230
  • Phuket Province Kamala
  • Price: ฿170 000
  • Area:
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Pool: Common
  • Beach: 20 minutes on foot
  • Property Type: Villa / Townhouse
  • Property Status:

Additional Details

Payment conditions / Оплата

Booking deposit 50%, the balance in one month in advance before check in / Предоплата 50%, остаток за месяц до заезда

Maid service / Уборка

Once a week / Раз в неделю

Extra fee / Дополнительно

Electricity and water by meter / Электричество и вода по счетчикам

Property type