3 bedroom luxury pool villa @Mandala BT562

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Rent: ฿480 000 month / ฿ day

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  • Mandara V 5 -001 [1]
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Villa / Townhouse
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3-bedroom villa with a large pool located in the gated community of Baan Mandala, next to Bang Tao Beach. A modern, spacious Luxury villa in Balinese style offers guests an unrivalled holiday in a private enclosed area with a beautiful pool view. Suitable for a family holiday or several couples. The villa is colourfully decorated and features high ceilings and wide-opening doors to the lush tropical garden, creating an open and spacious ambience. The living room and bedrooms have glass sliding doors, opening to enjoy the evening breeze and morning coolness. The villa has a large swimming pool; next to it, there is comfortable furniture on the terrace. Single-level villa with three bedrooms, large living room and full kitchen The complex is within walking distance from Bangtao Beach, and Surin is a 5-minute drive away. Just 10-15 minutes walk to restaurants and grocery stores. The rental price includes cleaning, changing bed linen, gardener, pool cleaning, cable TV, and internet. Cost from 280,000 baht to 560,000 baht per month.


  • Property ID:
  • Phuket Province Villa for rent in Phuket
  • Price: ฿480 000
  • Area:
  • Bedrooms:
  • Pool:
  • Beach:
  • Property Type: Villa / Townhouse
  • Property Status: Rent, Premium Villas

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50% of the booking deposit, the balance as agreement conditions

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Electricity and water by meter

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Maid service

Once a week