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Tips for buyers choosing housing for permanent residence

If you buy an apartment for your personal use, and not for the purpose of investing money, you become a resident.

If you are a resident, first of all answer yourself the question: “Why do I buy a house?” to make sure that you are buying an apartment that will satisfy all your requirements.

In the case of the purchase of real estate for use as the main housing, the argument when choosing an object will differ significantly from that used in the case of purchasing housing for a vacation in which you will live only for periods of several days or weeks a year.

In the apartment where you plan to live permanently, you will need much more space than in the one where you are going to stay, coming on vacation. Think about all the things that belong to you at the moment and about those that you will acquire in the future – you will have to store them somewhere.

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Consider also whether the object you have chosen will not lose its relevance in the future. Sale and purchase of real estate requires some effort, and perhaps this is not the procedure in which you want to repeat too often. Therefore, we recommend that you review your plans for the next few years. Do you plan to work in the same company that you are currently working at? If there is a high probability that you will change your employer over the next few years, and you choose an apartment close to your current place of work, you may want to consider options closer to the city center in order to expand the circle of your potential future employers. If you already have a family or you plan to find her in the near future, you need to ensure that there are enough rooms in the apartment to be purchased.

For those who plan to buy property for later use as housing for a vacation, the essential point in the decision is the length of time the apartment is used. If you only come for a few days or weeks, you may not need a lot of storage space. A studio can also come in pairs – but only for a short stay, as there is a chance that you will start feeling claustrophobic if you spend too much time in the same room. Thus, for longer stays, it would be better to purchase a single apartment. If you have children, for a short stay there will be a sufficiently single bedroom apartment – children in this case can sleep on the sofa in the living room. However, this option may not be suitable for a long vacation, because children in this case may need a separate bedroom!

Potential property buyers for temporary use during the holidays should also take into account what they will do during the holidays. If you plan to spend the main part of the day on the beach, then it is only natural that the apartment in the residential complex on the first line from the sea will be the best choice for you. However, if shopping and nightlife interest you more than tanning, you can either save considerably or purchase a larger apartment away from the beach. Also, decide for yourself how important the view from the window to the sea is for you. Of course, most people will prefer an apartment overlooking the sea. However, apartments with sea views are usually sold significantly more expensive than similar ones, the windows of which are located in other directions, so if the view is not so important for you, it is better to buy an apartment of a larger area, but without a view.

Acquisition of real estate – for permanent residence or for use during the holiday period – this is probably one of the most important life decisions. So take your time and analyze your needs and expectations in detail – this is better than making a hasty decision, which you may have to regret in the future.