Oceanarium in Phuket

Organized on the basis of the Center for Marine Research, the Phuket Aquarium is located at Cape Panwa in the southeastern part of the island. It contains hundreds of species of marine life that inhabit the waters of the Andaman and East China seas washing the island.

The oceanarium has become home to many exotic fish, including fish-knife, fish-cardinal, fish-surgeon. Here, the cow-fish peacefully coexists with the lion fish, and the catfish and barbs coexist with a whole family of leopard sharks and leopard ramp.

You can get to the Oceanarium by car or bike by turning on the Chalong ring on the highway leading to Phuket City. After seven kilometers, turn right at the crossroads near the center of Toyota, again to the right – at the next traffic light, and after another seven kilometers, Panwa will appear.

The oceanarium works without days off. Opening it for visitors – at 8.30 am, the end of work at 16.30. Those wishing to see sharks are welcome to come on Saturday or Sunday by 11.00. The cost of admission is not burdensome for the family budget. Children under the age of five can admire the marine life for free.

Helpful advice: after visiting the Oceanarium, you should dine in a cafe on its territory. Here they are deliciously served with seafood dishes and offer excellent desserts. Souvenir shops in the territory are distinguished by reasonable prices for all products.