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Unforgettable temples of Thailand

Temples are one of the business cards of warm and sunny Thailand. Thais never stint on the erection of new masterpieces of architecture, the decoration of which can be admired by any tourist. It is important only to observe the rules of decency and not to destroy the accepted framework.

Wat Chalong Temple


The most famous temple of Phuket is located in a picturesque place. Before visiting it is important to take care of clothes: open shoulders are not allowed, legs should be covered up to the knees. But in the territory you can freely take pictures. Several buildings make up the entire territory. There is the main temple, the entrance to which is closed. There are always nuns during the service. But you can admire the beauty of cells.

You can rub on the luck of the belly of an elephant, and in the next store to buy souvenirs for memory. In the evening, you can see everything in a different light.

The temple itself was created from a solid construction, but very skillfully and picturesquely. All the details are worked out in the most careful manner.

Wat Socket on the Golden Mount


The temple is located in the center of Bangkok and is the most beautiful place for enjoying the rays of the outgoing sun. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city. With a small number of visitors you can relax from the bustling city. Panorama offers incredible beauty. However, to get to it, it is necessary to overcome a large number of steps.

The shrine is of great importance to all Buddha worshipers. The building is striking in its architecture. After the destruction of the Chedi, King Rama ordered to build exactly the same one that was recreated already at the next ruler.

Wat Arun


Many people from all over the world heard about the Church of the Dawn, which for a long time served as a residence for royalty. The facade is finished with Chinese porcelain, and the view from the top opens the most picturesque.

In the nearby area, you can see various statues, from the Buddha himself to realistic demons. The whole atmosphere of harmony combined with mysticism compensates for the difficult road.

Temple of the Golden and Emerald Buddha


Emerald statue is part of a huge complex with the Royal Palace. If the temple is decorated in the best Thai style, then the main attraction looks rather modest: the Buddha sits on a gilded throne of wood, and at his feet a lot of bowls with offerings. Until now, there is no exact information from which the statue itself was made. Versions of its origin are also numerous.

When visiting the complex it is important to remember that all this is the residence of the king, so clothes should be appropriate, and at the entrance you should take off your shoes.

If the modesty of the emerald Buddha disappointed, you can visit the golden one. From the name it is immediately clear what the statue is cast from. In ancient times, local residents were so afraid of seizing beauty that they covered it with plaster. About this safely forgotten for many years, while during the installation of the sculpture in the temple, a piece of gypsum did not split. The jewel of Thailand was returned to its place.