Katu Waterfall in Phuket

Phuket Island is rich in waterfalls, and Kathu is one of the smallest, but very picturesque. Another advantage over the brethren is the location not far from the main beach resorts.

The waterfall is a stream, dropping from the 130-meter height along the picturesque terraces. The area around it seems slightly abandoned: moss-covered steps, ancient benches, covered with a patina of time, and an arched bridge at the foot. If you add here rustles coming from the jungle, and the roots of huge trees, you can consider the Kata waterfall an excellent place for meditation and relaxation in nature.

At the level of the second terrace there is a place for picnics: tables and benches with an excellent view of the water. On a hot day, you can swim here.

The waterfall is especially active during the rainy season, when the stream becomes deep.

Getting to Kata is the easiest way by renting a car or a bike. From a large traffic light near the Central Festival shopping center, turn left and, after about a kilometer, turn left again, as prescribed by the signpost. A couple of kilometers will appear a waterfall, the entrance to which is free.

Helpful tip: The famous Palazzo show restaurant is located nearby, which is worth a visit not only because of the great cuisine, but also because the artistic show offered by the visitors has only positive feedback from the guests. Two hours the team of artists from all corners of the planet presents comedic and musical numbers, and seafood dishes prepared by the local chef are beyond praise.