Monkey Hill

It’s easy to guess where the name Monkey Hill came from: thousands of four-handed people inhabit its slopes. This place on the island is very popular for visits not only because of the abundance of shaggy beggars, but also because of the excellent panoramic views from the top of the hill.

Before the tour, you should stock up on nuts or fruits. Monkeys willingly go to contact and allow you to photograph yourself to those who brought food. The observation deck is on the way to the top. From it is perfectly visible Phuket City and the ancient Wat Khao Rang with a gilded statue of Buddha in front of the entrance. At the very top, all the beauty of the surrounding panoramas can be slightly disturbed by the branches of large trees and the antennas set for television broadcasts.

You can get to Monkey Hill if you drive from the Central Festival shopping center to the administrative capital of the island for just over three kilometers. You can climb a mountain either by car or by bike, and by foot. The second option is more preferable, as there is very little parking on the top and it is extremely difficult to find a parking space for transport. In addition, the descent is steep enough, and therefore have to travel all the way on the brakes, which is unsafe.

Good advice: monkeys in Thailand are friendly enough to tourists, but this does not prevent them from engaging in fights between themselves. At such times it is better to move away from the fighting animals. Things and photographic equipment should be especially controlled, because the four-armed men can easily take away sunglasses or a handbag from the guests who have been joking.