Phuket Botanic Garden

The Botanical Garden (Phuket Botanic Garden) was opened to visitors relatively recently. At the end of 2011, landscape designers invited guests to create their own hands: a small and cozy island of different traditions and cultures. Several hectares are divided into gardens typical of China and Japan, Mexico and Bali.

Walking through the territory of the Phuket Botanical Garden, guests can immerse themselves in the landscape traditions of European and Asian masters, admire the ponds with goldfish and small waterfalls. A real Thai bamboo hut gives an idea of ​​how they lived in Siam hundreds of years ago, and the cactus garden impresses anyone who has ever collected the most prickly representatives from the world of flora.

During the walk, visitors are photographed with colorful parrots and fed with goldfish.

You can get to the Botanical Garden in Phuket independently by car or bike. At the Chalong ring, turn onto the highway leading to the airport. At the third traffic light from the ring you need to take it to the right, according to the directory “Botanic Garden”. A mile and a half to the left of the road, the desired object appears.

Prices at the entrance to the Phuket Botanical Garden seem quite high on the background of the cost of visiting other attractions. But the impressions, according to the tourists who visited it, are worth it. The garden is open from 9.00 to 16.30. Weekend on Wednesdays.