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ThaiPass – Certificate of entry to Thailand

Thai Pass is a web-based system that collects personal information about every tourist planning a trip to Thailand. Once approved, you will receive a QR code that will allow you to enter the country.

If you need a visa to enter, you need to apply for it in advance.

How many people fly you, so many permits you need to get. It is necessary to submit documents for entry 7 days before the trip.

The cost of completing one adult application is 1,500 baht, each child + 500 baht.

You will need:

✔️ passport (horizontal spread, photo without glare and fingers)

✔️ vaccination passport (from 18 years old)

✔️ Medical insurance in English with a minimum coverage of $ 50,000. It should be stated that it is covid coated.

✔️ visa if you are planning a trip for more than 30 days.

✔️ address of your place of residence, with zip code, phone number.

✔️ Airline tickets (flight details).

✔️ A paid check for accommodation in Sha + with a booking number (we book and select hotels together with you). Read what Sha + is here.

A paid check for a test package now does not need to be entered into the system. They must be paid through the website.

* tests can be paid here.

** If you need help with the registration of tests, then for the service we charge 300 baht per person.

*** If you need to take out Thai insurance (2560 baht for one, period of 30 days), then the service for registration of one 300 baht.

Second stage = entering the country:

The received QR code does not need to be printed, it will be enough to present it from the phone screen. You should have your passport and PCR test with you 72 hours before departure. On the recommendation of arriving guests, it is better to have all the documents with you in printed form – insurance, ticket, vaccination certificate, hotel reservation, etc.

In Phuket, at the airport, you take a prepaid test.

Downloading the application (ios android)

At the airport you will be met by a compulsory transfer and taken to the selected and paid SHA + facility. Stops along the way are prohibited.

Until the results you sit in the room / villa.

The second test (it is given to you at the airport upon arrival) you take on the 6th or 7th day.

To order ThaiPass – send all documents to info@phuketlikehome.com

See you in Phuket!