Katerina, Lago

Phuket housing is enough. For every taste and budget: from the uncomfortable bungalows to the rooms in the luxury hotels. Everyone chooses the appropriate option for himself.

It was not the first time when we rented a house on our own and remotely, but all the same, our experiences were overwhelming, if everything was in order. In this question it is important:

1) go along the beaten track, i.e. on contacts and recommendations of friends who shot, and they had everything ok;

2) find on the Internet a Russian agent living in Tae, who gives you confidence, and ask him to find the accommodation you need;

3) pick up housing by yourself according to reviews and descriptions in the internet and write at the reception;

4) book through Booking or another similar hotel booking site;

5) use the services of Russian tour operators and resolve all issues at home.

We went according to the second scenario. 🙌 The first agent with whom we contacted did not instill confidence in us, refusing to send a scan of your passport in response to receiving a scan of my husband’s foreign passport. Instead, she sent several papers in Thai, such as a legal entity registration certificate. But on Instagram she has one last name, another in the contract, in these little pieces of paper that you can figure out, we decided that sending her an advance payment for rental housing is not worth it.

Continuing the search, found Irina @phuket_like_home

After reviewing her profile on the Insta, after seeing subscribers, reviews and comments, they realized that she should write and were not mistaken.

She offered us several options, and when we chose one of them, she went to the condo and took off the story about the apartments we liked.

So we booked an apartment in The Lago.

Recreation Area: NaiHarn