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Reservation and payment of the property

How does the booking process and payment of the rental value of the object

Our site contains an extensive database of real estate objects on Phuket Island, which is regularly updated – new ones are added, and not relevant ones are removed.

You choose the options you like and send us links to get the price for the dates you specify.

As a rule, the rental price includes cleaning and linen change, Internet.
Expenses for electricity and water are not included, paid by the meter.

You can also send us a request, reflecting your wishes:

– Dates
– Desired budget
– Number of bedrooms / person
– Your special requests

And we will offer you options that fully meet your requirements, relying on our experience, knowledge of the island and real estate options.

If you choose a specific option, you will receive a booking form.
A completed form and a copy of one passport are sent to us (vozap, mail – any convenient way).
Based on these documents and data received from you, we will send you a lease agreement for the object.

Payment = Prepayment, Balance, Refundable Deposit.

Standard prepayment of 50% of the total cost of housing.
The balance is paid on the day of arrival, together with a refundable deposit.
Refundable deposit – Security deposit – you pay on the day of arrival at the villa (apartment).
The deposit amount is from 100 to 1000 dollars, depending on the property. Apartments 100-300 dollars, villa 300-1000 dollars.
A deposit is a guarantee of paid utility bills.
We return it on the day of departure.

In the case of rental property for the peak season (December, January), the balance of the rental value must be paid 2-4 weeks before arrival.
Deposit will be paid on the day of arrival.